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It’s Play Time! The Best Toys For Baby’s First Year

Play looks different at every age, especially in baby’s first year. Even simple actions, like talking to baby, count as play activities in the early months of their life! Play can happen during routine activities (like Tummy Time or bath time). It can also be a set of simple games and activities that keep baby … Continued

Which Toys Are Best For Toddlers?

As baby gets older, their skills are developing! By the time they turn 1 they’re crawling, possibly walking, and even starting to say words. These skills all develop with the help of playtime. Check out these toys for toddlers that can help with sensory, motor and communication skills! Which toys are best for playtime? First, … Continued

Baby Safety Tips – Is Baby Ready for Utensils and High Chairs?

As baby begins to eat more solids, you may have some questions about high chairs and utensils. So when is baby ready for these things? Find out more on baby safety tips as your child becomes accustomed to using chairs and utensils to feed! Using a High Chair: This usually happens around 6 months. It’s … Continued

Bath Tub Safety for Kids

Splish-splash, it’s bath time! The bath can be a great place to play, work on sensory and motor skills, and even learn about the importance of staying clean! It can also be a key part of your little one’s routine. When it comes to bath tub safety, there are some extra steps to take during … Continued

Bath Time Routines to Help Parents and Baby

Bath time is essential for baby! It keeps them healthy, clean, and can even help with teaching them independence as they get older. But let’s be honest—bathing can also be a challenge! Baby may not want to get wet or in the tub, or may not like the sound of running water. It can be … Continued

What To Do If Baby Keeps Rolling Over During Tummy Time

Tummy Time is an essential move for baby’s development! But that doesn’t mean baby always loves doing it. In fact, many babies have trouble with the position. As baby’s core muscles get stronger and they begin to roll (around 4 months), they may try to roll off of their stomach and onto their back during … Continued

What is Self-Soothing? Learn About this Important Social-Emotional Tool

There is no better feeling than being able to relax and let your troubles melt away. This form of personal comfort is called self-soothing, and it is an important, lifelong skill that can help with sleeping, managing emotions, building healthy relationships, and so much more. For babies and children, self-soothing is being able to calm … Continued

How Playing in Nature Helps Your Child’s Development

“It’s a beautiful day, get outside and enjoy it!”. How many times have you heard this throughout your life? Probably a lot! It’s a part of human nature to enjoy the great outdoors (when the weather is to our liking, of course). But did you know being outside can have actual benefits for your child’s … Continued

Why is Baby Crying? Here Are the Top 5 Reasons

As much as we wish baby could always be smiling and giggling, it is a fact of early life babies will cry—a lot. They will usually cry on a daily basis, and especially in their first few months of life. As a newborn, crying is a way of communicating with you about their basic needs. … Continued

What is Proprioception? Understanding the “Body Awareness” Sense

At every age, senses help with more than just seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling, and hearing. Senses play an important role in everything from staying balanced, to riding a bike, to knowing when we’re hungry and thirsty. Here we’ll dive into a sense called proprioception, also known as the body awareness sense. Learn more about all … Continued

What is the Interoception Sense? Understanding the “Internal” Sense

At every age, senses help with more than just seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling, and hearing. Senses play an important role in everything from staying balanced, to riding a bike, to knowing when we’re hungry and thirsty. Here we’ll dive into a sense called interoception, also known as the internal body sense. Learn more about all … Continued

How To Make Sure Baby Gets the Nap Time They Need

We know that sleep is essential for childhood development. In fact, children will spend 40% of their childhood asleep. So, how much of that sleep should be from nap time? How long should your baby nap for, and is there an age when napping should end? Here are some helpful napping tips, so you know … Continued

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Thank you for making a donation to keep our mission going! It is only because of donors like you that we are able to provide free and trusted resources to parents and healthcare providers that help babies and children meet their developmental milestones. You should receive a donation receipt to your email from Paypal.  Please … Continued

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids That Can Be Done At Home

Thanksgiving is known as the holiday when we gather around the table with family from near and far, express our gratitude, and eat a great meal. Even if celebrating at home, Thanksgiving can still be a memorable and special day, particularly for your little ones. So how can you still make this holiday one to … Continued

Try These Games and Activities at the Dinner Table

We know that family meals can be a great time to strengthen bonds, improve communication skills, and learn about healthy eating habits together. Here are some dinner table games and activities that your family can do to make dinnertime even more special! Make a conversation jar. At the beginning of the week, have each family member … Continued

Games for Your 35 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Baby-Proofing: As baby gains better control of movement, be sure to baby-proof your home. Keep breakable objects out of baby’s reach and place safety locks on appliances. Helps keep baby safe while they explore and gain independence. Toy Stacking: Baby is becoming more interested in how things work. Now is a great time to introduce … Continued

Understanding How Your Baby’s Brain Develops

Just like their bodies, a child’s brain is constantly growing and developing! In fact, the first year is one of the busiest periods of baby brain development. The brain produces more than a million neural connections each second during this time as it develops rapidly. Neural connections are key to helping children learn and develop. … Continued

Understanding Neuroplasticity: How Your Child’s Brain Learns and Develops

You may have heard before that what your child learns as a baby creates the foundation for their future. You also may be wondering, how is that possible? If my baby or young child won’t be able to remember this time of their life, how will it “set the stage” for the years to come? … Continued

Child Healthcare – How to Find The Right Healthcare Provider For Your Child

Choosing a healthcare provider for your child is important, and it can easily feel overwhelming. But have no fear! We’re here to walk you through the entire process, so you’ll get connected with the care your child needs and get answers to the questions you might have. Here are some tips on how to find … Continued

What to Expect At A Well Child Visit

Going to the doctor with your new baby may feel scary—but we’re here to help! Here’s what to expect at a well child visit (plus, a checklist of everything to bring along). What is an early well child visit? It’s early check-in with your baby’s pediatrician to make sure they are healthy and seeing all … Continued

Choosing the Perfect Game for Family Game Night

What better way to bring the family together than a family game night? Grab the kids, make some snacks, and get ready to play! Games are great for promoting many areas of development. They help children of all ages learn and problem solve, and encourage siblings to play together. They also help children learn about … Continued

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Sleep is important at every age, especially in the first year of life. In fact, baby should be asleep for at least half, and up to almost three-quarters of their first year. So, if your baby isn’t getting good, quality shut-eye, there may be some ways to help them with their sleep. If you are … Continued

Infant Development: Alignment, Core, and Motor (IDACM) – 101

Rated: 97% This course is meant to help early intervention specialists gain a deeper understanding of typical motor development at 1, 2, 3, and 4 months of age. Each age will examine 5 different positions of infant development and will highlight the typical expectations for baby in relation to specific areas of the body

How to Get Siblings Playing Together at Home

For those who have brothers or sisters, or have watched your children play with their siblings, you know sibling relationships are unlike any other! As a parent, you might think, how you can get siblings playing together at home. About 4 in 5 children grow up with at least one sibling, and most likely spend … Continued

Why Baby’s Sense of Smell is Important

What’s in a Scent? They say the nose knows. That couldn’t be truer for your newborn. Baby’s sense of smell is not just incredibly strong, but it helps them learn about people and places, and guides the development of their other senses. Their noses may be tiny (and adorable!), but they are quite powerful! Learn … Continued

Why You Should Encourage Crawling — and How To Do It

Crawling is an important step in your baby’s movement. It helps your child develop strength, stability and coordination skills by using muscles on both sides of the body. It promotes sensory development, as they can see and hear new things, as well as feel new surfaces on their hands and knees. Parents should encourage crawling … Continued

Baby on the Way

Trusted Resources and Helpful Answers for Expecting and New Parents So you’re expecting! Whether it’s your first or your fifth child, when a new baby is born it can leave you asking lots of questions. Have no fear new parents—we have the information you need and the resources you can trust to get your baby … Continued

Games for Your 11 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Face Feelings: Grab a stuffed animal and talk to it. Touch its face. Name each part (nose, ears) you touch. Let baby feel the stuffed animal’s face and yours. Name what they touch. Then help them touch their own ears, mouth, etc., while you name each part. Helps baby develop sense of touch. Play Peek-a-Boo: Lay … Continued

Games for Your 9 Week Old Baby | 0-3 Month Games

Cooing & Gurgling: Talk to baby often. They should be cooing (soft throaty sounds including vowels) and gurgling (low, throaty, wet sounds) back to you by about two months. Helps baby develop first steps to speaking. Switch Swat: Dangle simple objects (rattle or plastic measuring spoons) from a string so baby can swipe at it. … Continued

Games for 6 Week Old Babies | 0-3 Month Games

Introducing games into the daily routine of caring for a 6-week-old baby not only fosters essential developmental skills but also creates meaningful bonding moments between caregivers and their little ones. At this tender age, incorporating simple yet engaging activities is crucial for the baby’s cognitive and emotional growth. In this guide, we explore fun games … Continued

What Every First Time Parent Should Know

See tips that other parents recommend

My Child’s Mindfulness: Keeping Them Positive and Focused

Why is everyone talking about mindfulness? Mindfulness for kids quickly becoming a popular activity that parents  to help children manage feelings of stress and anxiety. Have you tried it? What is mindfulness? The idea of being mindful is to be present and to focus on where you are and what you’re doing. You and your … Continued

What is a Pediatric Physical Therapist?

“Isn’t physical therapy just for athletes and adults in recovery?” Nope! A pediatric physical therapist can help with early child development. Sometimes, children and even babies need physical therapy, too. You might not give a second thought to walking up the stairs or picking up a drink. But for a child with an injury or … Continued

Benefits of Water Play for Children

Splish, splash! Water play time! Summer is the perfect time to explore, and there’s nothing more fun than spending time in water. No matter if it’s in the ocean, lake, creek, community pool, or tub in the backyard, playing in the water may help children grow and develop in these essential ways: Balance and Strength … Continued

The ABC’s of Safe Sleep

Before you say goodnight to your little one, here are some best practices to ensure safe sleep for babies, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Check out this quick tip to help prevent positional plagiocephaly: Safe sleep for babies is as easy as A, B, C: Alone, Back, and Crib. Baby should always … Continued


What is a screening? A screening is used to determine if pediatric physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy is needed. A therapist observes your child in various positions and completing activities to determine if a comprehensive evaluation is needed. Screenings last 15-20 minutes and are offered for free at many pediatric therapy clinics. If you are in … Continued

Terms of Use is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity that promotes early detection and early intervention for children with sensory, communication, and motor delays. is celebrating over 30 years of assuring the best for all babies’ development. is uniquely dedicated to increasing knowledge about the gift of early detection and the benefit of early … Continued

Social-Emotional Brochure

Social-emotional skills allow children to express themselves appropriately in different environments and around other people. Modeling a positive and healthy relationship in the early years helps to develop a child’s trust and confidence. Learn how to improve a child’s social-emotional skills by using’s Social-Emotional Brochure to help children succeed in life. What’s Inside? Checklist … Continued

Act Like An Animal, 13 Moves to Help Your Child’s Gross Motor Development

Bring the zoo to you! No, we don’t mean you should adopt dozens of wild animals. Instead you can use animals to practice gross motor skills at home. This is great for little ones to use their imaginations and pretend to be animals they have seen in books or even at the zoo. These activities … Continued

What Are Hypertonia and Hypotonia?

Hypertonia and Hypotonia are two technical terms to describe issues with muscle tone. Muscles are meant to stretch with our bodies to accomplish everyday tasks. Imagine your muscles are like a rubber band, and when you stretch to touch your toes or pick something up, you’re increasing the tension on the band. Most people experience … Continued

Feeding Brochure

What can baby eat?’s Feeding Brochure will guide parents and caregivers through all of baby’s feeding milestones by providing recommendations on what baby should eat or drink. These foods help to support baby’s growth and development by providing the appropriate nutrition for their age and ability. What’s Inside? Checklist of feeding milestones, appropriate foods, … Continued

Tummy Time Brochure

Strengthen baby’s muscles with Tummy Time!’s Tummy Time Brochure is a simple guide parents and healthcare providers can use to understand and safely implement Tummy Time. Help baby build the muscles they will use to hit important milestones, from rolling to sitting and crawling. What’s Inside? Checklist of developmental milestones baby should reach at … Continued

Assure the Best Brochure

“A concise, parent-friendly guide.” -Healthcare professional Need a simple and reliable way to track your child’s development? Get the Assure the Best brochure! Created with the Medical Roundtable and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians, and Pediatric Section of the American Physical … Continued

Why Are Mirrors Good for Baby?

Want a toy that will keep your baby entertained and that is also good for their development? Put your wallet away, because you probably already have this in your home: mirrors! Yes, that mirror hanging on your bathroom wall can help your baby’s development! Mirror play for babies has great benefits for social and emotional … Continued

Importance of Eye Contact

Baby’s vision development is very important and even affects their other senses. Throughout the first year, baby will be looking at you a ton, so be sure to look at them, give them a lot of attention, and make eye contact! Find out what you can expect in the coming months. For the First Few … Continued

How Helps

For over 30 years has been a trusted resource for parents and healthcare professionals. Since 1985 we have provided free tools to maximize child development and help all children reach their full potential. Some of our parent-friendly resources include: Videos, including a Parent Guide series and milestone videos Baby Games Calendar, with weekly games … Continued

How Kids Learn to Play: 6 Stages of Play Development

Play is all about having fun! Any activity, organized or unstructured, your child finds fun and enjoyable is considered play. But play is much more than just a fun activity for your child! As a child grows they go through different stages of play development. While playing, children learn and develop important skills they will … Continued

When Will My Baby Smile?

Is there a better sight than a happy, smiling baby? We think not! Wondering when your baby will start smiling? Typically, babies start smiling between 6 and 12 weeks, but you may notice a smile or smirk soon after baby’s born. Reflex Smiles These early smiles are called “reflex smiles.” Babies start reflex smiling before … Continued

Guides For 

Parents’ Guide to Encouraging Using Utensils

Read along with the video below! Is baby ready to start using utensils? By about 1 year baby should be able to finger feed themselves. This is an important fine motor skill and it also means baby is ready for utensils! Start with spoons! After they’ve mastered the spoon, try a fork next. You may … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Standing Independently

When does baby first start standing without support? It’s different for every baby depending on their motor skills, but baby will usually start standing independently between 9 and 12 months old—but just for a second or two! As baby learns more about walking, their standing skills will improve too. Can you help them learn to … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby Rolling Over During Tummy Time

Tummy Time is an essential move for baby’s development! As baby’s core muscles get stronger and they begin to roll (around 4 months), they may try to roll onto their back during Tummy Time. When baby starts to roll over during Tummy Time it may be tempting to stop doing this position altogether. However, it’s best for baby’s … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby’s Core

Baby’s core strength is key to their development! Their core strength powers their gross motor skills. Baby’s core can be strengthened from birth through Tummy Time. You can also keep baby active with our Baby Games. Watch to learn more about baby’s core! Want to watch more videos about related topics? Click the buttons below! … Continued 

Parents’ Guide to the Importance of Motor Skills

For children of all ages, motor skills are an important part of development. They help us explore independently and learn about the world around us. Here are some ways to strengthen motor skills at any age: Do Tummy Time Play Baby Games Explore these 80+ activities and crafts that will help with fine and gross … Continued

Guide to Burping Baby

Burping baby is an important part of their early digestion and feeding development. Many parents have burping questions—how long should baby be burped for? What does typical burping look like? And are their different ways to burp baby? Watch for answers to all these questions! Want to learn more about burping baby? Check out our … Continued

Parents’ Guide to How to Swaddle Baby

Baby’s sleep is so important for their development. In their first few months, baby may like to be swaddled to help calm and comfort them as they prepare to sleep. Swaddling can be tricky, so we show parents make a snug and safe swaddle for their little one. Watch to learn more about the benefits … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Limiting Kids’ Screen Time

It may seem like screens are the main way to play these days, but there are so many benefits to activities that don’t require screens! When you child takes part in screen-free activities, they can help to develop their sensory, play, communication, social-emotional, and motor skills. Looking for some screen-free activity inspiration? Check out some … Continued

Parents’ Guide to the Importance of Baby Reaching Hands to Feet

While it might seem like just a really cute way to play, baby reaching hands to feet is actually a really important milestone for parents! Do you notice when baby is on their back, they’re reaching for their feet? Known sometimes as “finding their feet,” baby reaches hands to feet to get familiar with their … Continued 

Parents’ Guide to Developing Social-Emotional Skills

Happy, sad, angry, excited—no matter the emotion, your child uses their social-emotional skills to express it. Social-emotional skills are not only important to show and control emotions, but also to understand the emotions of others and connect with them. They are the building blocks of our relationships with others. Watch to learn more about what … Continued

Parents’ Guide to How Playing Outside Helps Development

Is there anything better than spending a beautiful day outside? When you and your child play outside, they get more than just fresh air; they get to explore a brand new environment, hear new sounds, see new sights, and interact with new people! Watch to learn more about the benefits of playing outside. Looking for … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Encouraging Sleep

Sleep is important throughout our lives, but for babies and children it plays a vital role in their development. A full night’s sleep for your child can mean less stress, an easier time paying attention and learning, a stronger immune system, and a healthier weight. So how much sleep do they need? And what are … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby’s Sleep

Sleep is so important for baby’s development. Watch this video to learn how much sleep your little one should be getting, and how to make sure they have the best sleep possible. Still want to learn more about baby’s sleep? Visit these posts! ABCs of Safe Sleep How to Help Baby Sleep Through the Night … Continued

Parents’ Guide to the Importance of Reading

Reading is such an important part of their development—even if your child is too young to read on their own! Watch to learn the benefits of shared story time on their communication development. There’s so much more to learn about reading! Visit these posts to find out how reading can help your child. How Books … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Preparing for Well-Baby Visits

If you’re a new or expecting parent, you’ll become very familiar with baby’s routine well-baby visits. These are check-ins with their healthcare provider to make sure their development is on track, and to answer any questions you may have. So how can you prepare for these visits? Watch to learn our best practices! Check out … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Routines for Kids

Why are routines so important? They do more than organize your day—they actually help your child develop their executive function skills. Executive function skills are important life sills to help with daily behaviors, such as solving problems, making decisions, and following directions. Watch to learn more about the benefits of routines, and the best practices … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Sibling Play

There are so many fun games to play with siblings, but how can you get siblings playing together in the first place? Watch to learn about the benefits of playing together, as well as ways to encourage sibling play. To learn more about sibling play in our blog post, including suggested activities and fun games … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby’s Sense of Smell

Smell is one of baby’s strongest senses—and begins developing before they’re born! As an infant, a strong sense of smell helps with the development of the other senses. Smell also helps baby learn about people and places—they may recognize you by your scent! Learn more about baby’s sense of smell is our blog post, Why … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Screen Time for Kids

How much screen time should your kids be getting? While screens seem to be everywhere, and can play a important part in your child’s education and play time, there should be limits. Watch this video to learn about recommendations for screen time for kids, and how screen time can help with bonding Read more about … Continued

How Our Milestone Guide Helps Baby

See how this real mom uses Baby’s First Year Milestone Guide to encourage her baby daughter’s development. The Milestone Guide includes milestones for 0-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-9 months, and 10-12 months. Plus, two games to help your baby meet each milestone. With additional tips about Tummy Time and more Baby’s First Year Milestone Guide … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Winter Weather Safety for Baby

When it gets cold outside, it’s important to keep baby safe and warm. Watch this video to see our 6 tips that every parent needs to know to help baby brave the cold. For even more information, check out our blog post on how to Help Baby Brave the Cold with 3 Easy Tips! Want … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Working Out with Baby

Get a move on—together! Working out together can be a great way to bond and exercise motor skills. Watch this video to see some great ways to get moving with your baby. You can also read more about exercising together in the blog post 8 Fun Way to Workout with Your Baby. Want to watch … Continued

Early Educator Guide to Tummy Time

What more Tummy Time info? This course is here to help! Perfect for all early childhood educators and caregivers who work with children under 6 months old... Continue

Parents’ Guide Video Series

New parents experience a lot of firsts with their baby! It can be overwhelming at times… Not to worry; is here to help! We try to make all this information a little easier to find and understand. Our Parents’ Guide video series is designed specifically for busy parents, so each video is about a … Continued

Baby’s First Year Milestone Guide

A helpful guide to keep track of your baby’s development. Baby’s First Year Milestone Guide helps you keep track of your child’s progress throughout their first year of life. Our guide includes: Motor, sensory, communication, and feeding milestones (with pictures) to help you track your baby’s progress 300+ verified tips, activities, and more to help … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Infant Carriers

Every parent uses containers, such as carriers, car seats, bouncer seats, and strollers, on a daily basis, but did you know you can overuse them? Watch to learn more about the recommended use of infant carriers, and how you can reduce carrier time for your baby. Visit our developmental milestones page to make sure your baby is reaching … Continued

Parents’ Guide to How Feeding Helps Baby Talk

Feeding affects more than just baby’s ability to eat—it can also help their speaking abilities! It makes sense when you think about it. Feeding and swallowing helps your baby build muscles they need to start talking. Watch to learn more about how these two important areas of development are connected! Want to watch more videos … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Developing Your Child’s Life Skills

Kids are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” all the time! You can help your little one be what they want by developing their life skills, also known as executive function skills. Watch for some activities to help in our video. To learn more about executive function, visit the Executive … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Crawling

Crawling is an important 7-9 month milestone. Watch this video to learn more about the two types of crawling, and how to help your baby crawl. You can also learn more about crawling from these popular resources: Why You Should Encourage Crawling—And How To Do It : This comprehensive resource delves into the importance of … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby’s Sense of Touch

Baby uses touch to explore the world around them. Just like you try to help your baby develop their sense of sight, you can also help them develop their sense of touch. You can even try baby massage, which helps with sensory development and bonding with baby through comforting contact. Want to watch more videos about related … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby’s Communication

The communication skills that babies learn during their first year sets them up for success later in life! Start communicating with your baby from birth to help them reach important communication milestones. Watch this video to learn how! Visit our Communication page to learn more, and check out our communication checklist to keep up with … Continued

Milestone Guides Temporarily Unavailable

We’re sorry. Our Baby’s First Year Milestone Guide is temporarily unavailable. Please check back or join our email list to receive updates from, including when guides come back into stock. In the meantime, we’re still here to provide free, trusted resources. You can find all of our milestones here at Get playing using … Continued

Is Baby Going Through Sleep Regression? What It Is and How To Help

Sleep regression could make getting your baby on a good sleep schedule a challenge. Many parents know how much time, work and patience it takes to get baby to sleep. When they finally get on a good sleep schedule, it feels like a huge victory—and a huge relief! It can be really difficult when your … Continued

Tips to Help Baby Crawl if They Haven’t Yet!

Crawling is a motor milestone many parents look forward to! It is a great way for baby to start moving on their own. There are so many benefits to crawling, beyond just motor development (although that is a great benefit!). Crawling also promotes sensory development, executive function, feeding and play. It also encourages bilateral coordination, … Continued

How to Handle a Temper Tantrum and How to Prevent Them

No one likes a temper tantrum! Temper tantrums can be very difficult for parents and any caregivers to deal with. When your child is angry, you may feel angry too! Or you may wonder if you can (or even should) comfort them when they have a tantrum. Believe it or not, there are tried and … Continued

Simple and Easy Games For Babies To Help Develop Their Sense of Vision

Baby uses their 8 senses every single day! Many senses continue to develop and change even after we are born. Here we’ll learn more about the vision sense, and how you can help baby develop this very important sense. What is the vision sense and how do we use it? The vision sense brings awareness … Continued

Is it Feeding Time? Learn Baby’s Hunger Cues

Feeding baby is crucial to their development! But how often should baby be fed? And if baby can’t tell you that they’re hungry, how do you know they want to feed? You may have heard from a healthcare provider that baby should feed whenever they seem hungry (this is called responsive feeding). Even though baby … Continued

First Time Parent? Here’s A List of What to Get For Baby’s Development

You’re expecting your first baby—how exciting! In the next few months, you’ll plan for baby’s arrival. There’s a lot to do—but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of some items first time parents should consider getting to help support and encourage baby’s development. You can also check out What Every First Time … Continued

When and Why Baby Should Play on the Floor

If you’ve checked out our Tummy Time page or Baby Games, you probably notice a lot of it is on the floor! That’s because floor time is so beneficial for baby, especially in the very early months of life. In the early months of life, spending time on the floor to play, including Tummy Time, … Continued

How Can You Prepare for a Nanny?

There are many reasons that children may need a nanny or other caregiver. When parents work, go on a trip, or something unexpected comes up, a nanny can watch and take care of them. They can make sure children don’t have too many interruptions to their life and have all their needs met, without their … Continued

Free Resources for
NICU Babies

Helping Babies in the NICU Reach Their Full Potential At, we provide FREE tools and trusted resources to support baby’s early development. Below, we highlight some of our resources that will best support babies and empower their parents during their stay in the NICU and beyond. Jump to: FREE Baby Milestones App Preemie and … Continued

How Baby Can Get the Tummy Time They Need While in the NICU

It’s recommended for all babies that they do Tummy Time as soon as they are born, but can baby do Tummy Time in the NICU? Tummy Time is one of the best exercises for baby! It helps with motor development and strengthens head, neck and shoulder muscles. Tummy Time also can help prevent positional plagiocephaly … Continued

What Are the 6 Stages of Play?

Did you know there are 6 stages of play? Unoccupied Play: 0-3 Months Solitary Play: 0-2 Years Onlooker Play: 2 Years Parallel Play: 2+ Years Associate Play: 3-4 Years Cooperative Play: 4+ Years All the stages involve exploring, being creative and having fun. Unoccupied Play: 0-3 Months Makes a lot of movement with their arms, … Continued

When Can Baby Roll Over? Tips to Help Baby Roll

Before baby crawls or walks, they learn to roll! Rolling over is a 4-6 month milestone, and an encouraging sign baby’s core strength is developing. Rolling helps with head and trunk strength, weight shifting, and core strength, which are all really important for gross motor development! Is baby having a hard time getting the hang … Continued

The Pincer Grasp: When Baby Will Learn This Important Fine Motor Skill

Close your eyes and imagine you’re picking up something small, like a bead or a piece of popcorn. Now think about holding a pen or pencil, and how you would hold it in your hand. Finally, imagine you’re zipping up or buttoning your jacket. These are all very simple but important fine motor movements we … Continued

How Your Child Can Benefit From Having a Pet

Pets are such an important (and adorable!) part of our lives. They come in many shapes and sizes—dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, or any other cute companion—but no matter the type of animal, they are living creatures capable of building bonds with humans. In fact, many people view their pets as a part of their family! … Continued

What to Expect From Baby’s Hearing Tests

Before baby comes home from the hospital, they will receive a hearing test (also called a hearing screening). The infant hearing screening helps to see if baby is having any issues with their hearing prior to coming home. If baby is found to have an issue with their hearing, intervening early can help their communication … Continued

Healthy Eating Starts Young! Try Building These Habits With Children

We all know healthy eating is important, but let’s be honest—getting children to eat nutritious foods can sometimes be challenging! Sometimes parents feel frustrated or guilty if their child pushes away the fruits and veggies, but so-called “picky eating” is an expected part of childhood. So if your little one is pushing away the bananas … Continued

The Best Toys for Outdoor Play

Sunshine, is that you? Believe it or not, it’s almost time for spring! The warming weather means it’s a great time for outdoor play with your little one! Play becomes even better for your little one when outdoor toys for kids are added to the mix. These are the best outdoor toys for kids to … Continued

Tips to Help Parents Adjust to Baby’s Changes

Baby is constantly developing! Every few months (or even every few weeks!) comes with new development and baby’s changes. For many parents, these developments are exciting—and exhausting. First, you’re trying to understand what baby wants. If baby is crying, you’re wondering, “Why is baby crying? Do they need food? Have a dirty diaper?” Then, when … Continued

Why is Play Important

When your child plays, they learn about them self and their surroundings. Play is important as it teaches them how to coordinate their body movements, talk with friends, apply rules, and more. But the learning process is even broader than this. What is Play? Play is more than you think; it is a way for your … Continued

What You Need to Know About Screen Time for Kids

You’re sitting in a restaurant enjoying dinner when your child becomes fussy. Rather than make a scene, you hand over your phone, turn on a YouTube video, and before you know it your child is calm and entertained. Sound familiar? With the readily available cell phones, tablets, game devices, and more, screens are not only … Continued

Feeding Difficulties in Infants with Tongue Tie and Lip Tie

Parents, make sure you check out our blog post and video about tongue tie. Ankyloglossia, also known as tongue tie, is a congenital condition that can affect infants and children due to having a short lingual frenulum that restricts tongue movement and impacts the function of the tongue. The incidence of tongue tie affects at … Continued

How to Play with Your Newborn

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to play with baby or what activities even count as play. Many parents and caregivers feel this way! The good news is there are lots of easy activities to do with your baby. In fact, you may have even done some already without even knowing it! Do Tummy Time … Continued

Book Review: Retro Toddler

Retro Toddler: More Than 100 Old-School Activities to Boost Development   By Anne H. Zachry, PhD, OTR/L Published by the American Academy of Pediatrics Dr. Anne Zachry is an occupational therapist and a specialist in child development. In writing this book she has created an essential resource for parents of children aged 12-36 months. Topics that … Continued

How to Comfort a Crying Baby

During the first year of life, babies are communicating their needs through crying but it isn’t always the easiest to figure out what their different types of cries mean. Within the first month, you will begin to pick up cues from your baby’s cry. Most of the common reasons behind a babies cry include being … Continued

How Scaffolding Helps Build Executive Function Skills

Do you talk to parents about executive function? Many parents are not familiar with this term. The executive function (EF) skill set acts as a coordination center in the brain and depends on three main functions: working memory, mental flexibility, and inhibition control. 1These crucial skills are needed to perform daily tasks, such as prioritizing, … Continued

How to Encourage Kids to be Physically Active

Did you know that the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends that children be active for sixty minutes every day? Kids need at least that much time to let loose and unwind from school or planned activities. This physical activity also helps stimulate their senses, and build muscle strength and endurance. Get kids moving with … Continued

Make Teeth Brushing Fun with 6 Easy Tips

Whether it’s the shock of cold water hitting their teeth, the smell or taste of the toothpaste, or the idea that brushing their teeth is something they “have to” do, we may never know why children try to avoid brushing their teeth. What we do know, however, is many children Just. Don’t. Like. Brushing. Their. … Continued

Research: Plagiocephaly, Torticollis & Tummy Time

Girolami G, Shiratori T, Aruin A. Anticipatory postural adjustments in children with typical motor development. Experimental Brain Research. 2010; 205:1 53-165. This study seeks to examine anticipatory postural adjustments (APAs)  role in the performance of activities requiring the maintenance of vertical posture and how children utilize APAs during self-induced postural perturbations. Hutchison L, Thompson J, Mitchell E. Determinants of nonsynostotic plagiocephaly: … Continued

Research: Back to Sleep Campaign & Tummy Time

American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement. Task Force on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The changing concept of sudden infant death syndrome: diagnostic coding shifts, controversies regarding the sleeping environment, and new variables to consider in reducing risk. Pediatrics. 2005; 116(5): 1245-55. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) policy statement encourages tummy time when the infant is awake … Continued

What To Do Before Bringing Your Baby Home

Congratulations, you’re having a baby! It’s totally normal to be feeling nervous and excited—but have no fear.  We’ve compiled a short checklist to make sure you’re ready. Remember, the more you accomplish before bringing your baby home from the hospital, the easier the change will be. 


 Study up on all things baby. And we’ll … Continued

How to Make Bath Time a Sensory Experience

Rub a dub-dub: sensory fun in the tub! Bath time is a regular part of your child’s routine that sometimes may not be as enjoyable as you would like. But instead of rushing through it, take advantage of bath time by turning it into a fun, sensory activity! Waterfall Station Adding cups and small buckets … Continued

Saying Thank You

One of the simplest ways to show appreciation and thankfulness, saying “Thank You”. would like to say THANK YOU to our donors and all the people who help us in our mission of providing FREE tools to maximize all children’s development. Thank you to all the parents who help us to create our materials. … Continued

Why Food Allergies are Becoming More Common

It seems like we hear about a new food allergy or food intolerance every day. Nut allergies and other serious allergic conditions were once rare and infrequently diagnosed. Now they seem prevalent in school lunchrooms everywhere. Are food allergies on the rise?  To answer this question simply: yes. The Center for Disease control estimates about … Continued

Preparing Your Child for Back to School

Classroom performance may come in part from your child’s ability to focus and work through open ended tasks, be organized, stick to a schedule or calendar, manage time, work independently, and control impulses and emotions. Possessing these abilities requires executive functioning skills and are important for your child’s transition back to school. But what is … Continued

Fun Summer Activities that Promote Learning

Looking for fun activities that promote learning and to get your child away from TVs, computers, or phones this summer? Half way through the summer everyone struggles to think of new ideas for summer play time. Below are some ideas to cut the cord and decrease screen time. Embrace Their Interests If your kids have … Continued

Tips for Traveling with Baby

Traveling with baby can be a little more complicated than before your bundle arrived. There is more planning involved and certainly more things to bring along. When taking a trip, it is helpful to know what you may encounter along the way. Read below for some more tips on how to travel with your little … Continued

Children’s Executive Function Skills

Executive function is a mental process that allows us to understand our past experiences with present action. As you know, the brain uses this skill to guide behavior toward accomplishing a goal, prioritizing tasks, controlling impulses and focusing our attention. Doctors can explain to parents that children are born with the potential to gain these … Continued

Have You Started Tummy Time Yet?

Newborns and Tummy Time Did you recently bring a new baby home from the hospital? As a parent to a newborn, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure your little one reaches their milestones and grows up to be a healthy and happy child. Tummy Time is essential to support your baby’s … Continued

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